Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Says Winner of US Election Will ‘Surrender To Iran’

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Iran President Hassan Rouhani warned that, regardless of whoever should win the election, America must prepare to surrender to the Islamic Republic.

“The U.S. government has no option but to give in to the law, the pressure of public opinion, and the resistance from the great Iranian nation,” reports the Tasnim News Agency.

“Our nation would not buckle under the pressures,” Rouhani continued.

“We can overcome the enemies and force them to resume honoring the law and regulations.”

His statements appear to be referencing sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, something Rouhani said Iran had “withstood.”

Iran’s president would claim that the surrender is not contingent on who should win the election.

“It is not important who is elected president, as the next US administration will surrender to the Iranian nation,” he threatened.

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Which Candidate Would Be More Likely to ‘Surrender’ to Iran?

Rouhani can say he doesn’t care who wins the election, but I’m pretty certain only one candidate will ‘surrender’ to the whim of the Islamic Republic.

Biden, after all, was part of an administration that sent pallets of cash to Iran as they sought to give them nuclear capabilities.

Contrast that with President Trump, who ended the Iran nuclear deal, and who has been negotiating historic Middle East peace deals – between Iran’s mortal enemy, Israel, and other Arab nations – and racking up Nobel nominations for his efforts.

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Trump Would Never Surrender to Hassan Rouhani

President Trump also put into effect a resumption of U.S. sanctions against Iran.

And while Rouhani now claims Iran has “withstood” the barrage of those strict sanctions, he wasn’t bragging much just months ago.

Rouhani was forced to admit this past January that the President’s tough actions had cost his country $200 billion, effectively wiping out any gains during the Obama-Biden administration.

The State Department explained that sanctions on Iran were designed to “deny the regime the revenue it needs to fund terrorism and violent wars abroad.”

Do you think that guy wants to see President Trump win re-election, or a feckless foreign policy failure like Joe Biden sworn into office in January?

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This marks the second time Rouhani has threatened whoever might win the election.

“It is by no means important for the Islamic Republic of Iran who will win the U.S. presidential election,” he claimed last month, “because any government taking power in the U.S. would have to surrender to the Iranian nation.”

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