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Iran Decleares “Victory” Over Aleppo – Claims To Be Regional Superpower

Aleppo, Syria has fallen. The rebel groups (some of whom are basked by ISIS and al-Qaeda, some by secular forces backed by America) have surrendered and called for a ceasefire. The Syrian government, backed by Russia and Iran, has declared victory. This is another massive failure by Obama. He and Hillary gave millions of dollars in arms to Syrian rebels and instead the rebels were overtaken by Russian and Iranian forces. In the ensuing vacuum Al-Qaeda and ISIS took their place, leading to terrorists acquiring American supplied arms.

We have officially lost control of the region

Here’s what Iran’s Defense Minister had to say about the Syrian government “liberating” Aleppo:

“The new American president must accept the reality that Iran is the leading power in the region,” the Guards’ Sepahnews website quoted him as saying.

Iran accuses the United States and other Western powers of supporting “terrorists” in Syria.

Fresh propaganda panels had sprung up around Tehran on Wednesday, with one reading: “The fight against the United States has once again paid off. Aleppo is liberated. Oh martyr defenders of the shrines, your path will be followed.”

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/afp/2016/12/syria-conflict-iran.html#ixzz4SprjHmZq

This is embarrassing. The Obama administration has allowed Iran to gain control over the most volatile region in the world. Not only that but we literally paid them billions and have allowed them re-build their military and nuclear capabilities.

Trump won’t stand for this. He will fight back against the encroachment of terrorists.

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