Iran Condemns Its Citizens To Death By Coronavirus

Political prisoners are being denied basic means of fighting coronavirus.


Via data obtained from inside Iran, Fox News reports that the Iranian regime is denying political prisoners in overcrowded jails the very basic elements of personal hygiene in the hope they will die from the coronavirus.

Many, if not most, of these inmates have been imprisoned for resistance activities against the rabidly anti-American and viciously terrorist Islamist Tehran regime. Even open-handed offers from the U.S. to aid in Iran’s response to the virus have been repulsed. Better, they seem to think, to let their people die than accept help from “the Great Satan.” They have also rebuffed requests from the World Health Organization to inspect their prisons.

Tehran claims a national death rate of 5,500. But experts put the real number in the tens of thousands. Dictatorships have fallen for less. One of the main reasons the Somoza government fell in Nicaragua in the late 1970s was its poor response to the Managua earthquake of 1972.

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From inside an Iranian prison an inmate had this to say, “The situation here is that really we’re all ill, we are all having dry cough. We have a fever. There is no test kit for coronavirus or any test kits available. All we can do is try to reach the clinic by pushing and shoving. And once there, the guards tell us there is no doctor or that the doctor is not coming, return to your ward or we will use force. If by chance, we happen to find a doctor, all they do is to aim their digital thermometer at us, without even approaching us.

“Hygienic conditions here are awful. Prisoners who are imprisoned for embezzlement or financial fraud have money. They can afford to buy disinfectants for themselves from outside the prison, but others and we, without that kind of money, cannot even buy alcohol to clean our hands; we do not have detergents to wash our hands with. Prisoners are obliged to procure such products from outside the prison at their own expense, so only those who have money can do so. Those with no money simply have no means.

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“Only the prisoners who spy on other prisoners were given a furlough and their number does not exceed 10 people. The rest stay here in prisons on different pretexts. It seems that those whom the regime was unable to kill during November uprisings are being liquidated in the prison by coronavirus. They can eliminate whoever they choose, under the guise that the prisoner has contracted coronavirus, and the prisoner is taken away without anyone knowing about his whereabouts [emphasis added].”

This is what is happening today in Iran. More evil from an evil Islamist dictatorship.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on March 18, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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