Saying “we build the future,” Intel CEO Brian Krzanich joined President Trump in announcing a $7 billion investment in a brand new factory in Arizona.

The plant will be used to manufacture advanced semiconductor chips, and roughly 10,000 jobs will be created – 3,000 direct jobs at Intel and another 7,000 for manufacturing.

Krzanich explained how his company managed to thrive despite “regulatory and tax policies” that “disadvantaged us” during previous administrations, and now he looks forward to how much growth they can experience now that the economy is being unchained by those same regulations and taxes.

He advised Trump in January about the need to make “the U.S. more competitive, lowering the tax rates, making it easier for people to do manufacturing here.”

Clearly, Krzanich must like what he sees out of the new administration.

Via the Washington Examiner:

“This has been a project that has been contemplated for close to four years,” Cordish said. “The president and the administration’s commitment to tax reform, smart regulation and deregulation, and a general attitude of making in America has given them the confidence and will to move forward.”

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the Intel deal is “another example of real world results that the Trump Administration is getting in its pro-jobs agenda.”

It is “the latest wave of economic optimism that’s sweeping the country following the President’s victory,” Spicer boasted.

Comment: Will fewer regulations and taxes continue to lead to even more growth under President Trump? Share your thoughts with us below.