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SHOCK VIDEO: How Many Americans Don’t Know What July 4th Is All About

independence day
Mark Dice goes out every year to find intelligence on the common American on the street, and every year we are more and more disappointed and shocked at our society’s failure to educate people properly.

This latest edition is truly shocking – how many Americans don’t know what Independence Day is about:

If you didn’t need a stiff drink before you probably need one now, because I know I do.

Take a swig and read about why we’re so ignorant about our nation’s history:

According to a survey by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 71 percent of Americans fail a basic history test. The survey also showed a large majority (an average of 72.5 percent) of Americans believe colleges should teach about America’s history, key texts and institutions to prepare them as citizens and leaders.

This lack of civic knowledge is due to a lack of American history and government coursework, the ACTA [American Council of Trustees and Alumni] says.

“Too many colleges and universities confuse community service and student activism with civic education,” the ACTA states in its report.

Yeah that’s just sad and pathetic, and it makes me shudder for the future of our beloved country.

Sorry to ruin your Independence Day.

Here’s another time Mark Dice showed how bad education is in America.

Well, try to have a good Independence Day regardless – and teach your kids what the holiday is really about!!!

What do you think? Why are Americans so ignorant about our history? Let us know in the comments section below!!