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Imminent Terrorist Threat Thrwarted – They Were Targeting…

brussels terror attack

This just in! Arrests were made today in Belgium as authorities felt another “Brussels” style attack was imminent.

The would-be terrorists were targeting fans watching a major sporting event.

More via Bloomberg:

Belgian authorities arrested 12 people after conducting anti-terror raids in Brussels and across the country amid press reports of a plot to attack fans gathering to watch the national soccer team.
Security forces raided a string of properties and 152 lock-up garages on Friday night and in the early hours of Saturday, Belgium’s federal prosecutor in Brussels said in an e-mailed statement. Prime Minister Charles Michel called for calm and said public events will go ahead with a heightened level of security. The country’s terror alert will remain at level 3 out of 4.
“The security services have obviously been extremely vigilant,” Michel told reporters after an emergency meeting with cabinet members and counter-terror chiefs. “We will continue our fight against extremism, against radicalism, against terrorism.”

Thankfully the Belgians are finally getting it together and taking terrorist threats seriously. There’s no telling how many could have been killed this time!

We have to remain vigilant, Islamic terrorism isn’t going away!

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