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This Immigration Panel Wasn’t Expecting This Furious Response From John McCain

Watch above as Senator John McCain (R-AZ) snaps during a heated exchange at an immigration panel:

“You have overstepped your responsibilities and your authority, sir.”

What happened?

Apparently, McCain was furious when he was not allowed to carry his cell phone during a visit to a detention facility for illegal immigrants in the border town of Nogales, Arizona.

So he decided to grill Gil Kerlikowske, Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, about the restriction on carrying a cellphone. Kerlikowske said they could not take photos.

The Senator became agitated at this rule:

“I am not allowed to take photographs? Why not? Why not? Why am I not allowed to do that?”

Kerlikowske answered:

“The children have a right to privacy and that’s why we’re not having their faces shown on the media.”

But McCain wasn’t buying it:

“I may want to take a photo of something else.”

Kerlikowske pathetically said:

“If you want to take a photo we certainly would make arrangements with you to take a photo, just not of the children.”

And McCain shot back:

“That’s not the instructions you have given, sir!”



Make sure to watch the entire exchange. Clearly, the border situation is out of control, and agencies within the Obama administration are willing to prevent one of America’s longest-serving Senators from taking pictures on his cellphone. How ridiculous!