When it comes to moving furniture or rearranging home decorations, knowing the measurements and size of any surface is incredibly useful. The old method of determining length required lugging around a tape measure everywhere. Now, you can use revolutionary modern technology to immediately measure the size of any room or area with a laser. The Laser Distance Measurer is accurate and effortless to use!

You’re not to only one amazed by this ingenious device. Winner of the 19th German IF Design Award, the Laser Distance Measurer has received much acclaim from users and critics alike. There’s no better way to know the exact length and width of your dresser and bookshelf. You’ll quickly start developing a better eye for estimating distances as well thanks to this device.

The Laser Distance Measurer doesn’t require heavy, expensive machinery. In fact, the material includes a one-piece aluminum-magnesium alloy casing, which fits comfortably in your pocket.

Get rid of the measuring tape and upgrade to the Laser Distance Measurer. For a limited time, you can take an additional 15% off the already discounted price by using code WEEKEND15. That brings your total down to just $29.99!


Laser Distance Measurer – $29.99

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