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Immediately After Bashing Trump, Mitt Romney Received HORRIBLE NEWS!

Mitt Romney

Former Republican presidential candidate and millionaire Mitt Romney was a horrible candidate. But after he gave a speech on March 3, that gave establishment Republicans enough cover to start bashing conservative Donald Trump as part of the so-called “#NeverTrump” movement.

But Romney just received horrible news! A survey conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows that Romney is officially “completely unacceptable” to be the presidential choice if the RNC convention in Cleveland is brokered, according to Republican voters.

According to PPP’s major announcement:

Romney is completely unacceptable. Only 28 percent say they’d be comfortable with him as nominee to 62 percent who would not and he’s just generally unpopular. That 28/62 spread is also his favorability rating.

These low numbers would spell disaster if Romney was able to steal the nomination away from Trump, as the GOP establishment has been desperately planning to do. His numbers have plummeted because voters are not happy with the Republican establishment and they are fighting back by voting for an “outsider” candidate, like Donald Trump:

We also asked respondents’ feelings about the Republican establishment generally, and only 28 percent of voters have a positive opinion of it to 55 percent with a negative one. It’s not surprising that those numbers track closely with feelings about Romney.

It wasn’t long ago that Romney was opposed to candidates being chosen at a GOP convention. Clearly, Romney has flip-flopped again:

Mitt Romney is currently pushing for a contested convention, despite saying three years ago it would be a “mistake” to have a minority choose a nominee.

The former Massachusetts governor told The Boston Globe in 2013 that he wished to change the Republican party nomination process.

“I’m concerned that there’s an effort on the part of some to move toward caucuses or conventions to select nominees,” Romney said. “I think that’s a mistake.”

Trump has also criticized Romney for his inability to defeat President Barack Obama, due to a disastrous campaign. As Trump opined, “He ought to go away and let the big boys do it now.”

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