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This One Image Shows The BEST Place For A Soldier On Memorial Day! (LOOK!)

memorial day

America’s military is a force for good in the world – freeing captive people abroad and protecting our freedoms here at home. Millions of Americans have given their lives to protect our country, and they deserve our respect and recognition. That’s what Memorial Day is all about.

If you ask a veteran what their time was like overseas, they’ll tell you it was exciting, dangerous, rewarding, and, at times… BORING!

That’s why every now and then, our soldiers let loose and find ways to entertain themselves while they “hurry up and wait.” We found this guy in the best place to be on Memorial Day:

memorial day


Judging by all those spent casings, these guys must have had a blast!
Now Watch This:

Be sure to say a prayer for the men and women of America’s armed forces this Memorial Day. It’s because of them that we are free.