I’m So Happy To See Our Country Repel Socialism Once Again – Time For Bernie To Call It Quits!

Bernie, wake up on Wednesday, have your coffee, step outside to the cameras and endorse Joe Biden for President. It’s over. You lost.

I’m happy to see our country saying no to socialism. It gives me hope that we haven’t gone completely insane.

Remember when Joe was supposedly on the ropes, about to be routed by Bernie? Then, the miracle of South Carolina and ‘scrappy Joe’ clawed his way back? It was meant to make you believe the Democrat process was legit. As we saw with Hillary Clinton and Bernie, the process is not legit, and Bernie got kicked to the curb again but of his own doing.

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Bernie might have options, but they could end up splitting him forever with the Democratic Party. He could go 3rd party; after all, he’s an independent. I don’t think he ever thought he would get it. Or, he could – again – broker something with the sinister DNC, be enriched, disenfranchising his donators and voters.

What’s weird is that Bernie’s support hasn’t gone up or down. In the early states, he came out at around 25% support, and in Florida, he’s at about 22%.

So the self-avowed socialist kept a hold on his roughly 1/4 of the Democratic primary vote. It’s just that when you get the field narrowed down, and it isn’t five or more people fighting over the other 75% of the vote, you start to see what he has—a small minority.

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It’s not that he was ever THAT popular. It’s that with 12 candidates, his 25% that was always going to be there, seemed insurmountable.

Bernie needs to see the writing on the wall. The Dems want Biden while the Voters of America want Trump.


Lush hair. Large, firm hands. Tall, athletic build. Encyclopedic vocabulary and articulate speech like a master playwright. The great Maxine Waters certainly checks off all the boxes. Don’t discount her utmost commitment to her community and loyalty and love for her constituents either.


Coronavirus has caused shortages in meat, toilet paper, milk, bread, hand sanitizers, and cleaning wipes. You have to play grocery store roulette in hopes of getting any item on your list.

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Welcome to socialism. This is what everyday American life would be like under Sanders’s socialist government. Of course, Millenials still don’t care, because it is mommy and daddy who are having to deal with the shortages and try to find food and basic necessities.

If Bernie can’t win the battleground states, then he needs to step aside. Sure, he won California and all, but Florida has always been one of the critical swing states to the Presidency.

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