Illegal Immigrants Refuse to Leave New York City Hotel, Don’t Want Services Taken Away

A group of illegal immigrants who have been housed in free New York City hotel rooms are reportedly refusing to relocate to a new “mega-shelter” in Brooklyn, and have now resorted to sleeping in the street as a means of protest.

The New York Post describes the new facility as a “mega-shelter” and cites one migrant explaining that the ‘mega’ status is not enticing enough because “the hotel had so many services they have just [now] taken away.”

The illegal immigrants were initially placed at the Watson Hotel in Midtown Manhattan but were scheduled to be transferred to a shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

However, joined now by left-wing activists, a number of them had refused to move along over the weekend and into Monday. Others went to the new shelter and returned to the hotel because their new location had “a lack of heat and bathroom space.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams appeared to contradict those claims and insists the city “continue(s) to surpass our moral obligations as we provide asylum seekers with shelter, food, health care, education, and a host of other services.”

Prior to that, the public was unaware that a ‘sanctuary city’ apparently has a cap on its ‘moral obligations.’

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Illegals Refuse to Leave New York City Hotel

Who could have possibly predicted that illegal immigrants — who have no regard for the laws of a sovereign country — would have a penchant to defy doing as they are instructed and leaving the New York City Hotel?

Surely we would have just assumed they’d comply and follow the process being laid out before them, no?

The Political Insider reported in October that shelters being set up in the city featured television sets, Xbox gaming consoles, and “culturally appropriate” meals.

They were so decked out that it actually annoyed the local homeless folks.

“They’ve got Xboxes? Get the f*** outta here!” one man vented to the New York Post.

“The building I’m in is so f***ing awful,” he added, describing the various smells throughout the building that can be seen “just yards away” from the migrant shelters. “The tents look five times better.”

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Stirring up Outrage

Critics were livid over reports that illegal immigrants were refusing to leave a luxury hotel in New York City and head to their assigned migrant shelter.

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade described the situation as “outrageous.”

“I cannot believe the audacity of somebody who would come to our country illegally, take a free bus ride to the number one city in the country, and then decide that they’re going to pick and choose the free accommodations that they’re getting,” he said.

Co-host Rachel Campos Duffy concurred with Kilmeade’s assessment.

“We are not putting Americans first,” she explained. “This is absolutely insane.”

Mayor Adams continued to plead with the Biden administration for help in handling the overload of illegal immigrants in New York City, a crisis he has previously described as pushing the city to a “breaking point.”

“We remain in serious need of support from both our state and federal governments,” he said.

Adams visited El Paso, Texas earlier this month and described the surge of illegals at the border as a “national crisis.”

“We are now seeing more people arrive than we have ever seen — averaging over 400 people each day this last week, with 835 asylum seekers arriving on one single day alone, the largest single day arrival we’ve seen to date,” he said following his visit to the border.

“All this is pushing New York City to the brink.”

If NYC is struggling with this relatively minor influx, think of how bad it must be for border states and towns that are seeing thousands of illegal immigrants pouring over the border each and every day.

The Political Insider reported Monday on new numbers showing a staggering nearly 293,993 ‘gotaways’ escaped into the country after crossing the border since October.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump vowed that if elected he would send illegal immigrants “straight back home.”

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • You brought it upon yourself! Because New York is NO HOLY PLACE! So you democrats like your evil sister in California want to call the state a SANCTUARY STATE! But only a church is supposed to be know as a SANCTUARY PLACE!

  • Well Eric Adams you got what you democrats started when you call New York a SANTCURATY CITY! Now catering to them at your own expense!

  • I think what would help is a little bit more open borders. Get a few thousand more illegals to go help in NYC and all the other Sanctuary cities. They say that diversity is their strength so let's make them stronger.

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