Ilhan Omar Rallies For Bernie: Calls For End to ‘Western Imperialism’

Ilhan Omar was the opening act at a Minneapolis rally for Bernie Sanders Sunday night, accusing President Trump of coddling white supremacists and calling for an end to “western imperialism.”

The rally not only served as an endorsement for Sanders, but it further demonized a group of Americans Hillary Clinton once described as ‘deplorable’ while amounting to a full-throated call for socialism in this country.

It’s disconcerting to hear this kind of rhetoric in a nation long standing as a beacon of hope against oppressive systems of government such as those proposed by the left.

Omar suggested a “mass movement of the working class” is necessary to take down President Trump and end “Western imperialism.”

“I am beyond honored and excited for a president who will fight against Western Imperialism and fight for a just world,” she bellowed.

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Didn’t Stop At Fighting Western Imperialism

The unhinged vitriol that emerged from this rally was truly a sight to see. It didn’t end at simply a call to end ‘western imperialism,’ empowering other communist nations to reign supreme over the United States. No, Omar sought to demonize Bernie’s political opponents in ways that Hillary might not even dare.

Omar’s follow-up comments consisted of three consecutive and very bold lies.

“Together we are going to send a powerful message with this president,” Omar said regarding whom she repeatedly refers to as the ‘occupant’ of the White House.

“Your efforts to coddle White Supremacy, to ban Muslims from entering the United States, to call people at neo-Nazi rallies ‘very fine people’ will fail!”

President Trump has provably and repeatedly denounced White Supremacy since he became a candidate for President, there is no such thing as a Muslim ban, and the ‘very fine people’ hoax has been debunked several times on these very pages.

The crowd at Bernie’s rally also engaged in numerous “lock him up” chants, which Trump supporters for some time have been told is a sexist bridge too far in a political campaign.

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What She Means By Ending Western Imperialism

It doesn’t take much effort to break down Omar’s comments and realize what she means by hoisting Bernie Sanders up in an effort to end ‘western imperialism.’

Ryan Saavedra of the Daily Wire writes: “In essence, what excites Omar about Sanders is the fact that she believes that he will essentially shrink the United States’ role and influence in the world for the sake of having a ‘just world.'”

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No wonder Omar and the Squad’s endorsement of Bernie has landed with all the political impact of a thud. Or maybe we’re just not smart enough to understand the complexity behind Sanders and the Democrat party’s leftward lurch towards communism.

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Omar believes that some Democrats believe “we’re the smartest in the room” while the others debate and fight for things “most people can’t understand.”

By ‘people’ she means Trump supporters.

Whether it’s Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden leading the fight against President Trump, this election comes down to a clear choice between the greatness that is America and those who seek to destroy it.

Omar’s comments simply solidify that notion. Who will you be voting for?

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