Representative Ilhan Omar said that the anger seen in the Minneapolis riots over the killing of George Floyd was “just” and “warranted.”

Omar: “Our Anger Is Just”

The death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis officer has sparked riots in the city. While, of course, it is legitimate to be angry at what seems to be a clearly unlawful killing, the riots have created more violence within the community. However, Representative Ilhan Omar, who represents the district, seems to support the violent protestors.

At first, Omar, who represents Minneapolis, said how “heartbroken” she was with the shooting, and that she was “horrified at the needless death of George Floyd, another innocent black man murdered by police in our community. Frustrated that we keep finding ourselves in this position as a city. Angry that justice still seems out of reach.”

Then, Omar went onto seemingly justify the violent riots.

“Our anger is just. Our anger is warranted,” Omar tweeted, adding that the priority of the community “right now must be protecting one another.”

Omar continued by noting that “violence only begets violence,” despite her previous tweet.

“More force is only going to lead to more lives lost and more devastation. We must prioritize the safety of our community. We can rebuild, but we cannot bring back lives,” she said.

Instead of condemning the rioters, she went on to attack the police who were trying to get the situation under control.

“Shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at unarmed protesters when there are children present should never be tolerated. Ever,” Omar wrote. “What is happening tonight in our city is shameful. Police need to exercise restraint, and our community needs space to heal.”

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More Violent Rhetoric From The Left!

After receiving some backlash, Omar seemed to roll back on her previous comments.

“We should and must protest peacefully,” she tweeted. “But let us end the cycle of violence now.”

This is typical commentary from the radical leftist Omar. It’s not surprising that she refuses to condemn the burning down of buildings from violent rioters, and instead focuses herself on attacking police officers from stopping property damage. Of course there are clear concerns regarding Floyd’s killing, but violent rioting is never acceptable.