Ilhan Omar and Nancy Pelosi Taunt Trump With Pictures From ‘Mother Africa’

Rep. Ilhan Omar taunted Donald Trump with pictures of she and Nancy Pelosi visiting ‘Mother Africa’ after the President suggested she ‘go back‘ and fix where she came from before criticizing America.

Omar posted pictures of the pair posing and then walking through the Door of No Return, a famous symbol of the slave trade located on Gorée Island, just off the coast of the city of Dakar, Senegal.

The Minnesota Democrat referred to the “send her back” chants that surfaced at a Trump rally last month. She noted that Pelosi didn’t just send her back, she joined her on the journey.

“They said ‘send her back’ but Speaker [Pelosi] didn’t just make arrangements to send me back, she went back with me,” Omar wrote. “So grateful for the honor to return to Mother Africa with the [the Black Caucus] and commemorate The Year of Return!”

Pelosi also posted pictures of her visit alongside the Congressional Black Caucus, claiming the vacation trip was “deeply transformative” and offered a “renewed sense of purpose to fight injustice and inequality everywhere.”

Guess they can start in, say … Baltimore?


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Omar and Pelosi – So Happy Together

The images of Omar and Pelosi holding hands aren’t fooling anybody. The terrified look on the San Francisco Democrat’s face, petrified as they set forth through the Door of No Return, betrays that.

Pelosi herself has described some of Omar’s platforms, such as support for the BDS movement against Israel, as “bigoted” and “dangerous.”

“We must also be vigilant against bigoted or dangerous ideologies masquerading as policy, and that includes BDS,” she announced. “I simply declare – to be anti-Semitic is to be anti-American. It has no place in our country.”

Huh … Looks like she’s telling her to get out of America too. What a racist!

Omar has refused to apologize for past anti-Semitic remarks, giving the House Speaker a headache as she has twisted and contorted in every conceivable manner to explain them away.

The Somali-born Democrat is also a member of the ‘Squad’ – a group of freshman congressional progressives – who accused Pelosi of being a racist, blamed her for encouraging death threats and threatened her to speak to them before she goes spouting off to the press.

Holding hands in a photo-op isn’t going to repair that damage. In fact, Pelosi clinging to an extremist like this as a means to insult the President only serves to help his re-election bid.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • The look on Pelosi's face say a whole lot more than the written words of their comments.

  • Since Clinton took office, literally BILLIONS of dollars have been funneled into Baltimore, LA and Chicago. Yet, these metropolitan cities have the worst decay, the worst infrastructure, the worst sanitary conditions. The money came in - hardly anything was done - and where did the money go? Did Elijah Cummings make a bigger salary than his constituents? The political higher echelon made great salaries but nothing was ever done to fix the problems that existed. WHERE DID THE MONEY DISAPPEAR TO? We have bogus investigations for 2-1/2 years based on hoaxes? WHERE DID THE MONEY DISAPPEAR TO? Every weekend in Chicago brings more shootings, more murders and more crap. The money comes in but nothing is spent to fix the problems. WHERE DID THE MONEY GO TO?

  • You know that trip was footed by we the people. Nancy Pelosi has been living off the government teet her entire adult life.

  • If 'mother Africa is the best place you can go to trash our President, then maybe it's YOU that should go. Even before Trump it was Bush whom sent the most money in an attempt to get the queers from spreading AIDS.

  • #1. Pelosi has multi millions, doesn't need to work and has spent her entire adult life in public service. #2. yes, DNA has proven that we ALL are from Africa, originally. #3 The "DISGUSTING" thing is the anti American, traitorous Trump administration. #4. Islam is the largest religion in the world; if you're going after Muslims start with Paula Abdul and Dr Oz, please. Al Queda represents Islam the way that the KU KLUX KLAN represents Christianity. (IT DOESN'T). The young senator is brilliant and her state loves her. She speaks FOUR languages; Trump speaks 1/4 of one. anyone talking g about the cost of this trip isn't paying attention to the cost of Trump's golf excursions TO HIS OWN PROPERTIES, WHO THEN GET PAID FOR BY US. BTW, I'm from a long line of Republicans, and i'm a Christian.

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