If this is true, it’s only going to increase the calls for President Trump to fire Robert Mueller. (RELATED: Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Calls for Firing Jeff Sessions, Ending Mueller Probe).

Thanks to the release of the Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the rampant corruption within James Comey’s FBI, we know the law-enforcement agency had it out for Trump since the beginning. Two FBI agents – Peter Strzok and Lisa Page – famously exchanged plenty of text messages trash-talking Trump and even, at one point, vowing to stop him from ever reaching the White House. (RELATED: Here’s How ‘Challenging’ It Was To Find Strzok’s ‘We’ll Stop’ Trump Text Message).

We also learned earlier this week that Robert Mueller, who is currently leading an investigation into the Trump campaign’s Russia ties, had an anti-Trump attorney on this team earlier this year. (RELATED: ‘Viva Le Resistance’: Mueller Team Attorney Sent Anti-Trump Texts).

Now, we just learned from Horowitz that there may still be anti-Trump voices on the Mueller investigation. The admission occurred during Horowitz’s testimony before Congress.

Here’s how the exchange went, via the Daily Wire:

Gowdy: “I wonder, Inspector General, did you find any other FBI agents or FBI attorneys who manifested any animus or bias against President Trump?

Horowitz: “We did.”

Gowdy: “How many?”

Horowitz: “We found three additional FBI agents as we detail in the report.”

Gowdy: “And were any of them working on the Russia investigation?”

Horowitz: “I’m sorry. Let me—two agents and one attorney.”

Gowdy: “Two other agents, one other attorney. Were they working on either the Russia investigation or the Mueller probe?”

Horowitz: “I believe two of the tree were, but I would just have to double-check on that.”

That answer isn’t good enough. We need to know if there is any anti-Trump bias on the Mueller investigation now. And whoever is tainted with a bias should be fired immediately.

This kind of corruption cannot stand.