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HUGE Claim by MATT DRUDGE: Obama Is BLACKMAILING Boehner to Get His Way on This Key Issue…


Matt Drudge, the brilliant editor of the Drudge Report, is a leading conservative voice who has a better news for nose than anyone on Earth. So when House John Boehner (R-OH) surprised everyone by helping pass the unfortunate “CRomnibus” bill – which fully funds Obamacare and supports Obama’s amnesty agenda, people started to ask questions. Why, after a massive Republican landslide victory on election day, would Boehner act in such a strange way?

Drudge clued us all in to his educated theory about what happened behind the scenes.

As we know, the White House was not afraid to use the powers of government agencies – such as the Internal Revenue Service – to get what it wants. After all, they come from the hard-nose Chicago school of politics.

Drudge wouldn’t float such a theory without reason. Not only might Boehner have a drinking problem, it wasn’t long ago that it was rumored that Boehner was having an affair:

House Minority Leader John Boehner was asked by a liberal blogger Thursday to answer questions about an affair with a lobbyist, an allegation that will reportedly be the focus of an upcoming New York Times expose. Boehner ignored the question outright.

The Post sees a journalistic plot to drop a bombshell on the upcoming midterm elections by smearing a high-profile GOP leader:

Mike Stark, an activist and blogger, intercepted Leader Boehner after his highly publicized “Pledge to America” unveiling to ask him about the accusation:

“Speaker Boehner, have you been cheating with Lisbeth Lyons, the lobbyist for the American Printing Association?” Stark asks. Boehner did not respond.

Stark later contacted Lyons, the Vice President of Government Affairs at Printing Industries of America, to get a comment on the allegations. She didn’t provide any.

The New York Post has since caught up with Lyons, who said the rumors were “unfounded.”

“As you can imagine, I was stunned by such a question,” Lyons told the Post. “I found it to be highly insulting, particularly as a female political professional, as well as unfounded. Beyond that, I have no further comment on the matter.”

What do you think of Drudge’s theory? Is Obama abusing the NSA to pass his big-government agenda? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.