Huffington Post: Mia Love Enjoys “White Privilege”

“White privilege” is an oftentimes meaningless, selectively applied label that liberals use to dismiss opinions they don’t like, but aren’t able to refute. It long ago crossed the line from overused to borderline farcical. (Typical example: “You think a totally socialized health care system could get expensive and want to know how we’d pay for that? Well, I’m not going to dignify your question with a response. You only have such concerns because of your white privilege!”) But now, liberals are accusing newly elected Republican congresswoman of exploiting her “white privilege.” Wait, what?

Last time I checked, Mia Love is black.

The most fascinating treatise about Love — thus far — comes via The Huffington Post where Darron Smith, a desperately confused blogger with a Ph.D. in education, accuses Love of benefiting from a form of “white privilege.”

Smith, who is somehow on a first-name basis with Love as he writes, lauds Love as a super-duper minority member: black, a woman and a Mormon to boot.

He can’t understand, though, how Love doesn’t agree with his own political ideology. Because she disagrees with him, he declares that the principles she espouses go against her interests — because of the color of her skin and the sexual organs she possesses.

“Love’s political convictions show a strong support for values that do not necessarily represent her interests as a member in any of these oppressed groups,” Smith writes.

Leave it to HuffPo, a site founded by a white woman that is incredibly popular with the Lexus Liberal demographic, to accuse a black woman of not being “truly” black and suggesting they know more about this topic than she does. In a way, it’s laughable. But it’s also incredibly condescending, and–let’s face it–racist.

Ashley Herzog

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  • Since liberalism has become the plantation of the present day, would it not be better for the "oppressed " to escape it?

  • In America white privelege Is available to everyone regardless of race, creed, or culture. Access to it requires only a belief in oneself and and in the social contract.

  • It's nice to see the left acknowledge that "white privelege" is a lie, even if they feel the need to do it in a backhanded way.

  • Proud to have been a supporter of Representative elect Love both in '12 and in '14. I expect to do so again in '16.

  • Let's clear all the rubbish away and take a clear look at the tactics of the Liberals (progressives, socialist, communists, whatever). To use skin color or gender as a marker for how to think or act is a shallow but evil thing to place on people. I believe it is used by people who always want to have the "upper hand" on people who they look down upon. It places you into a category you can never escape from. You are born with a skin color you can't change and a gender you can't change so it is evil to judge someone based on those criteria. It completely and utterly trashes how you should really be judged: "by the content of your character". When you judge people on skin color or gender you hold them in bondage in the prison of your mind and you will never look at them as an equal; to love as you love; to think as you think; to enjoy life as you enjoy life (I doubt that such a person enjoys life anyway). We have GOT to stop this insanity and if you can't stop thinking outside of the stench of your mind then just shut up, you'll be amazed at how good life will become for you.

  • Liberals, proof there is a God.
    Were there no God, there would be no Satan and liberals would have no one to follow.

  • I don't care the color, the heritage, the religion, and I don't care that you think she is part of white privilege. She is her own woman, she has paid the price to attain what she has in concert with her husband and children. I think it is awesome she is politically savvy, she is educated and she is smart. I think it wonderful she has a vision of where she wants to go and where she desires to be. The beauty of this country is "WHITE PRIVEGE" can be had by all, but for anything worth having there is a price to pay and she has paid it to be where she is. She obviously has chosen a higher path instead of expecting everyone else to do it for her and cry in the beer she has chosen not to drink, woe is me, you owe me mentality. She will stand up for what she believes, she will make her decisions based on Judeo Christian principles and she will work hard, study the issues and then vote her conscious. Way past time that political correctness and that the American blacks can't have what whites have lie be put away. It's there for any one who is willing to work to get it.

  • Then it would stand to reason that the Obama family falls into the same category except they enjoy the white privalage but hate the white race.

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