How Many Times Did Mueller Ask Lawmakers To Repeat A Question Throughout His Testimony?

Shelby Talcott on July 24, 2019

Former special counsel Robert Mueller asked lawmakers 48 times to repeat questions throughout Wednesday’s testimony regarding his investigation into potential Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Mueller testified before two House committees and asked lawmakers to repeat themselves dozens of times, a move that resulted in a number of viewers following the testimony to call him “confused” and “shaky.”


“Mueller is answering few questions — citing the report, asking questions to be repeated, seems confused at times and uncertain about key parts of his own report,” Yahoo! News chief investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff said.

“I will say that Mueller seems a little… shaky… particularly the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence could really hammer him this afternoon with some strong cross-examination on Volume 1 of the two-volume report, and I do wonder now how well he would handle it,” said Seth Abramson, a leading Russiagate conspiracy theorist who has staunchly defended the special counsel’s probe.

At one point, Republican Georgia Rep. Doug Collins asked Mueller if “conspiracy” and “collusion” are essentially the same thing.

“You are going to have to repeat that for me,” Mueller responded before saying they are not the same.

Collins pointed Mueller to his report, which read that collusion is “largely synonymous” with conspiracy. After a brief back-and-forth, Mueller said he would “leave it with the report.”

Mueller also said he was “not familiar” with Fusion GPS, the firm behind the Steele dossier.

“When you talk about the firm that produced the Steele reporting, the name of the firm that produced that was Fusion GPS, is that correct?” Republican Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot asked.

“I’m not familiar with that,” Mueller responded.

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