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House Republicans Just Unleashed the Big Guns on Hillary’s Benghazi Cover-Up


Conservative hero Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is the Chair of the Benghazi Select Committee. And as the investigations into that shameful terrorist attack which resulted in the death of four Americans continue, only one thing has remained constant: President Barack Obama’s State Department has been dragging its feet about turning over requested documents.

Obviously, the State Department has something to hide and is scrambling to protect the legacy of Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign. The Benghazi committee just listed every lame excuse they have been given in response to very specific subpoena demands, and now the full U.S. House is fighting back in a big way!

Republicans are ready to use the House’s power of the purse to cut off State Department funding until the requested documents are released! This is the best way to wage WAR against these unelected Obama bureaucrats:

House Republicans are threatening to withhold a large chunk of State Department funding until officials speed up their responses to document requests, including House demands for documents pertaining to the Benghazi investigation and a probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The House Appropriations Committee’s proposed 2016 spending bill for the State Department and foreign operations withholds 15 percent of the department’s “operational funds until requirements related to proper management of Freedom of Information Act and electronic communications are met,” according to a panel release.

The threat means House Republicans are using their most obvious weapon to hold State’s feet to the fire: the power of the purse.

The provision is part of a nearly $48 billion spending bill funding the department and the War on Terror, about $1.4 billion below this year’s number and $6.1 billion below President Barack Obama’s request. The legislation is also packed with other policy riders, including several aimed at blocking Obama’s attempt to normalize relations with Cuba and others to ensure the administration can’t facilitate a prisoner swap like the so-called Taliban Five again without Congress knowing.

via Politico

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who apparently ran the post-Benghazi cover-up efforts, has so much to answer for. For example, why was a video blamed for the attacks? And why were the security warnings from an American ambassador repeatedly ignored?

Polls shows that the American people want answers, as they are not impressed with her Obama Administration work. According to recent polling:

Though most — 61% — think the release of Clinton’s emails over the next months from her time as secretary of state will not reveal any previously hidden wrongdoing, the poll also finds 58% are dissatisfied with the way she handled the attack in Benghazi in 2012.

Trey Gowdy and the House Republicans are exposing Hillary. Please share this if you support their important efforts!