House Democrats Wonder If Capitol Attack Was An ‘Inside Job’

Some House Democrats are now wondering if the Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol on January 6th might have had inside help – from some members of the Capitol Police.

According to Politico, while many have praised Capitol Police for their efforts, “videos have also surfaced showing a small number of officers pulling down barricades for the rioters and, in another instance, stopping for a photo with one of them.”

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Did The Rioters Have Help?

On Friday, House Democrats had a call to discuss the possibility that rioters might have had some sort of inside help.

According to two lawmakers on the call, Democratic Congressman Steven Horsford said that he thought the riots were “an inside job.”

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn wondered how looters had found their way to his unmarked, third floor office to steal his iPad.

According to others on the call, Democrat Congresswoman Linda Sanchez wondered if there had been collusion with Capitol Police officers.

Democrat Jayapal: ‘A Very Well-Coordinated Plan’

Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal said in an interview Sunday that she believes some Capitol Police officers aided the rioters and that it was “one of the most troubling things” about the attack.

Jayapal told Gray TV’s “Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren,” “I am very sad to say that I believe that there were people within the Capitol police and within the Capitol building that were part of helping these insurrectionists to really have a very well-coordinated plan for when they were going to come, how they were going to come.”

When Jayapal was asked if some Capitol Police officers were actually involved, the Democrat replied, “It appears that way, both from what happened, how coordinated it was, how easy it was.”

Democrat Maxine Waters wondered during a recent radio interview if some Capitol Police failures were the result of “poor planning or whether it was because there was certain kinds of infiltration.”

Democrats continued to wonder how some of those who infiltrated Congress seemed to navigate it so well.

Democratic Congresswoman Madeleine Dean, who was hunkered down in the chambers during the attack, said, “Somebody must get to the bottom of how they, with such efficiency and such alacrity, moved themselves in mobs into [Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s] office. Into the whip’s third-floor office.” 

‘Reconassaince Missions?’

According to CNN, Democrat Mikie Sherrill claimed that Republican Congressmen brought in rioters the day before the protests to do “reconnaissance” of the building. 

Sherill said there were “members of Congress who had groups coming through the Capitol that I saw on January 5th for reconnaissance for the next day.”

Her office refused to give CNN any further details on her claim.

Dems Want More Capitol Police Oversight

“We all joke about the fact that it’s so hard to find some of these offices, and we work in the building,” Dean added.

“I saw those videos,” said Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan on Friday. “You had people fighting their hearts out and getting hit over the head with a lead pipe … and you had people taking selfies with these terrorists.”

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“So there are all of these different levels and we will be examining all of the footage,” Ryan added.

Democratic Congressman Anthony Brown said independent oversight was needed for the Capitol Police force.

“The Capitol Police are probably the only law enforcement agency I can think of that does not have non-uniform civilian oversight,” Brown said on Friday. “That’s a problem.”

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • One BLM caused all that?  
    Josiah Colt - White Trumper
    Mark Leffingwell - White Trumper
    Nich Ochs - White Proud Boy & Trumper
    Robert Keith Packer - White Trumper & Auschwitz devotee
    Lonnie Coffman - White Trumper & 16 weapons charges
    William Watson - White Trumper & QAnon true believer
    Jake Angeli - White Trumper
    Jacob Chansley - White Trumper
    Aaron Mostofsky - White Trumper
    Henry “Enrique” Tarrio Jr.- White Proud Boy & Trumper
    Richard Barnett - White Trumper
    Brad Rukstales -White Trumper
    Cleveland Meredith
    Christopher Alberts  & gun possession
    Matthew Council
    At least 80+ White Trumpers and 1 BLM formally charged.
    Do you discern a pattern? 
    Or was John Sullivan so charismatic an orator that he brainwashed all those insurrectionists to do they things they did in the capitol?

  • This article is BS! Never once does he mention BLM or Antifa. He calls himself a journalist but sound and looks more like another commie propagandist.

  • Blah Blah Blah.. Democrats are so boring and angry!! They need excuses for everything. Hey! Let’s spend another $40mill on this investigation.
    That’s okay, Biden and Harris will be under investigation really soon. Karma is a bit@@!

  • Slick...This sounds like the prelude to a CYA scheme, another fabricated prevarication of magnitude...Of course the FBI told the DIMMs this already, it has already been said, that some members of the GOP or their staff may have given the intruders a means to do recon before the attack, the FBI also has restated, members of antifa, blm, proud boys and Qanon were filmed inside the building...for the most part estimated 200 were active perps....the rest of the Deplorables attending that large Trump rally were disgusted by these hoodlums and had no truck with them....The DIMMs in their phony rush to impeachment are failing on many fronts now and the quicky process has been back burnered because elected(?) China Joe's agenda bears more import.....LOL......Is there doubt again PI?

  • We'll never agree here. But I consider the Trump and Reagan presidencies easily the best of my lifetime.

    I suppose you would tout the Obummer regime . . . !

  • Duh! Can you say "FBI" or "CIA" anyone? Look where all other problems originate and you might find your answers.

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