House Democrats Just Voted in Support of Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Vote

On a nearly party-line vote, Democrats in the House of Representatives have voted in support of local municipalities who allow illegal immigrants to vote in their elections.

The measure was part of debate on the “For the People Act,” which seeks to eliminate impediments for Americans at the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, and implement stricter ethics rules for public servants.

Democrats put down a resolution recognizing that “allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens,” according to the New York Times.

Extreme Measure

The move shows how extreme things have become in just six months time in the House where that resolution, under a GOP-controlled House, was agreed to.

“We are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in,” Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) said in opposition to the measure.

Six Democrats did manage to vote in a manner noting that illegal immigrants should not be allowed to vote, while one Republican, Justin Amash (R-MI), did not.

They Want Illegals to Vote

The measure would have no effect even had it passed, and illegals and non-citizens remain unable to vote in federal elections. It was designed to send a message to such localities as the liberal cesspool of San Francisco, where the Department of Elections circulated voter registration forms for non-citizens to participate in a Board of Education vote in the 2018 election.

And Democrats opposed letting these local entities know that illegal immigrants do not – and SHOULD NOT – have the right to vote.

In addition to San Francisco, Texas Democrats, according to complaints filed with state and federal officials, were accused of asking non-citizens to register and vote in the 2018 midterms, even going so far as to send out applications with the citizenship box pre-marked ‘Yes.’

During the recount fight in Florida this past election, lawyers representing gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and Sen. Bill Nelson, both Democrats, argued against denying a vote cast by a non-citizen.

In 2017, the city of College Park, Maryland, debated the best manner in which to eliminate the citizenship requirement to vote, seeking to become one of numerous other cities and towns in Maryland that have done away with it.

The city council approved that measure not long thereafter.

At meetings for the debate, residents spoke out with one pleading to the council that “voting is a right, but it is also a privilege and there are standards for voting,” adding that “citizenship is special.”

It should be, but Democrats are too focused on getting illegal votes in their favor to really care about laws and actual American citizens.

It’s not complicated – this vote shows what Democrats are truly seeking if they are given the power.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • There is no reason the that H. RES. 1071 should have been added. It is a purely political move. The resolution would have had no effect other than to force Democrats to acknowledge that Illegals are, and have been, allowed to vote. The headline makes this article fake news. The article is making false assumptions and says that because democrats voted down the resolution means that democrats want illegals to vote. That's not true.

  • Too many Americans today have no work ethic at all. they go to college get degrees in lesbian dance theory or Arts and humanities on advise of their elitist professors then turn around and blame Capitalism because they can’t get a job with A six figure salary. So they vote for socialism hoping that the government will Steal money from earners then give them that money they haven’t earned.because you know capitalism It seems there ought to be a qualifier to vote. Like when we had the requirement you have to be a Land owner to vote.

  • May want to watch something other than the fake news Mam. May I suggest Fox News? It's fair and balanced with Democrats and everything on there too with all the news stories your actually missing. If your not looking at both sides like two fighting siblings and your the Mother, then your up chit crick without a paddle and the troublemaker of your two getting away with really awful wrongdoings that a willow stick could take care of in a mighty jiff!

  • The current president is already causing our country to go downhill. With his flawed character, ignorancy, and mental incapabilities, etc. everything we have cherished is being destroyed - we have very few allies - we are all to do what he says or else. He cannot speak correctly - lies and lies - how can anyone want him as our President of the US. The people around him are crooks like him, and yet, some people still endorse him. Don't understand this - birds of a feather flock together. He says he likes war - but never have served in any capacity. Lies about his grade - whereas in fact, he was at the bottom of his graduation class. So we know - who can trust him?: His entire family are crooks. So jimshaw 54 and the rest of you, do you respect a person like that and feel comfortable with him. Do you deal with the public and are you an honest person - what about your children - do you tell that it is okay to lie and cheat? Just wondering about you people that
    think like this? It is beyond what I was taught????

  • I can't believe this is happening to us American's. We are being stripped of our rights while other's are taking all they can get from us. They are not citizens and in no way should they be allowed to vote. The Dems are destroying our country and it may be high time we start fighting back. We can not and should not let our country go down the drain for these people. My dad and his family fought for this country so we could have these rights and now they are being destroyed right under our nose little by little. Our country is going to fall into the pits of hell if we keep letting these people control us like this. I feel if you are here illegal no you should not vote. You don't pay into our system all you do is live off us.

  • The fact that House Democrats favor voting rights for illegal aliens shows there is no limit to which the Democrat party will stoop to solicit Democrat voters in an attempt to regain the power lost in the 2016 elections. The U.S. Constitution requires that all voters in any U.S. election must be an American citizen.
    The Democrat endorsement of voting rights for illegal aliens also attempts to gain additional House seats by reapportionment after the 2020 Census is completed. Any gain of House seats by a Democrat state will force a loss of an equal number of House seats among other states, since the House membership is a fixed at 435 number from all states. California is the intended beneficiary of this irresponsible effort, since illegal aliens from Central America and the Middle East entering the U.S. through Mexico most often settle in California with the intention to vote with only a California divers license.

  • These are traitors to the American people. I'd hate to see where they go when they die. They will not like where they land. Better get your tanning lotion on Nasty Piglousy! They think they will live forever. Looking at Nancy P. It looks like a losing battle with time all the fakelifts in the world won't keep you alive!

  • Again another move the democrats will regret. Trying to shyster their move around has not worked out well for them in the past. And since they like to ignore history, they will very likely repeat another dumb move.

  • I’m in total agreement with you Steven, this country is headed Down a hill of I don’t want to say, less I get put in Facebook jail again, but. It ain’t looking good !! And no I have not said this before

  • I’m in total agreement with you Steven, this country is headed Down a hill of I don’t want to say, less I get put in Facebook jail again, but. It ain’t looking good !!

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