It’s been a roller-coaster for Hope Hicks.

The longtime Trump aide was formally made White House Communications Director yesterday. Prior to, she was serving as interim director after Anthony Scaramucci left the job.

Hope was one of the Trump campaign’s earliest staffers, and she’s a trusted advisor to the president.

I’m sure the promotion was very much appreciated by Hicks. She put in the long, grueling work on the campaign trail. She deserves this job.

Unfortunately, the celebration didn’t last long. Hicks just got bad news from Twitter. It appears her account has been suspended:

If you try to view her Twitter feed, you’re met with an “account suspended” message.

Can you believe it? Not even 24 hours after being put in charge of White House communications, a Twitter account that allegedly belongs to Hicks has been suspended.

It should be noted that it’s not verified if the account, which has the handle @HopeHicks45, really belongs to Hicks. But if you google “Hope Hicks twitter,” it’s the very first result you get.

Real or not, liberals, right on cue, unleashed their nastiness, mocking Hick’s misfortune:

If Twitter did in fact suspend Hope Hicks’s account, the company needs to fix it. Otherwise, it’s political censorship.

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