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Hundreds Attend Funeral for Homeless Veteran Glenn Shelton

Glenn Shelton, 68, was called home to God on November 26th. He has no known family. He was a Marine, and Vietnam veteran according to his obituary. He also earned a Purple Heart during his service.

It’s unknown how he got to Indiana as he is formerly of Louisville, KY, but Indiana Funeral Care organized a funeral service on Saturday for this veteran by spreading the word on social media.

What is most spectacular is that the participation grew so large they had to move it to a larger venue!

Fox News reports: “Shelton had no known family and is formerly of Louisville, Ky., according to Indiana Funeral Care. It’s unknown how he got to Indiana. Indiana Funeral Care organized Saturday’s funeral service by spreading the word on social media, which grew so popular the ceremony had to be moved to a bigger venue.”

“We don’t know anything about him, so it’s just rewarding that they can still find time to come out and pay their respects,” Sara Thompson, Indiana Funeral Care General Manager, told FOX59.

“Glenn might have been abandoned in life, but he will not be abandoned in death,” she added.

Participants of the funeral ceremony also received dog tags with Shelton’s name engraved on it.

I am a veteran of the United States Air Force, and my heart goes out to my brother in arms. I wish he had a family, but I send my condolences.

I talked to an Army veteran a while back as I am a veteran of the Gulf War. He told me that veterans who are completely alone in life endure a lot in silence. They have only their thoughts and memories for companionship. Many have nightmares and flashbacks of what they experienced during their time in service.

Those of you who served know what I am talking about. Those who did not serve cannot imagine the emptiness of such a life. For many of us veterans, it is not really a life at all, but is instead a mere existence. We keep our faith in God because, for many of us veterans, that is all we really have.

I am happy Glenn was treasured in this way. Hopefully, his spirit will find peace and know people cared about him.

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