Holocaust Survivor: AOC Should Resign From Congress, Deserves Nobel Prize in Stupidity

Ed Mosberg, born in 1926 in Krakow, Poland, survived imprisonment in two concentration camps during World War II. The rest of his family, sadly, did not.

He is the President of the Holocaust education group ‘From the Depths.’

The secret to a happy life, Mosberg believes, is to never stop learning new things.

And he believes there is a harsh lesson to be learned for Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

“She should be removed from Congress,” he said in an interview with the New York Post. “She’s spreading anti-Semitism, hatred and stupidity.”

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Mosberg Has Offered to Educate AOC

Ocasio-Cortez has thus far refused an invite from Mosberg to tour actual “German Nazi concentration camps” as well as the museum and memorial site at Auschwitz.

The Democrat congresswoman outrageously declared illegal immigrant holding areas at the southern border to be exactly like “concentration camps.”

The ignorance was a bridge too far even for many on the left.

“It should be a requirement of all United States Congressmen to visit Auschwitz,” Mosberg previously asserted, noting Ocasio-Cortez’s “lack of proper education on the Holocaust.”

In his interview with the Post, he was decidedly less diplomatic, and rightfully so.


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Mosberg described her comments as “evil” and declared he “would like to nominate her for the Nobel Prize in stupidity.”

“The people on the border aren’t forced to be there – they go there on their own will,” he said. “If someone doesn’t know the difference, either they’re playing stupid or they just don’t care.”

Nearly Everyone Has Ripped Her

Despite the clear resentment from numerous Holocaust survivors and historians, Ocasio-Cortez has refused to back down and, in fact, has repeatedly defended her statements.

Mosberg’s denunciation is the most significant based on his experiences. And there have been several denunciations, even from the alt-left.

NBC’s Chuck Todd obliterated Ocasio-Cortez for her reprehensible comments about comparing illegal immigrant holding areas to Nazi-era concentration camps.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo opined that she clearly “does not understand what happened in the Holocaust.”

Angel Dad Steve Ronnebeck, whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant, agrees with Mosberg that Ocasio-Cortez should resign over her concentration camp analogy.

By contrast, leftists over at CNN have been supportive of Ocasio-Cortez, even going so far as to call the illegal immigrant holding centers created by Barack Obama “death camps.”

“I can show [Ocasio-Cortez] where they killed my mother, my grandparents and cousins so she understands this,” Mosberg suggested.

She doesn’t want to understand. Ignorance is bliss for the lunatic left.

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