Hollywood Seemingly Turns on Democrats After Disastrous Debate: ‘What a Mess’

Even the radical left-wingers of the entertainment industry are losing hope in Democrats.

Hollywood liberals

The liberal world of Hollywood is typically singing the praises of Democrats after absolutely everything they do, but even they could not deny that last night’s debate was a disaster.

In a surprising twist, Hollywood liberals seemed to turn on Democrats immediately after this debate, taking to social media to blast them.

“While the world burns, melts and gets sick these children and opportunists running for president talk about a dirty joke from the 80s. What’s the emoji for Losers?” tweeted liberal talk show host Bill Maher.

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who usually spends his days bashing Donald Trump as much as possible, took a break from this to question whether there was “any joy in watching this debate?”

Perhaps comedic actor Zach Braff said it best when he simply wrote “What a mess” in reaction to the debate.

Other Hollywood liberals zeroed in on specific Democratic candidates to attack, with comedian Hannibal Buress going after Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) for his constant flubs and smug attitude going into this race.

Comedian Norm MacDonald tweeted “shame on you” to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for trying to appear pro-life at one point when she is actually radically pro-choice.

Meanwhile, comedian Paul F. Tompkins went after Mike Bloomberg, suggesting he had to pay people to come and clap for him.

It’s nice to see that even the ignorant, self-absorbed liberals of Hollywood were not able to spin this debate in a positive way for the Democrats. If even the radical left-wingers of the entertainment industry are losing hope in Democrats, their chances of beating Trump in November are looking worse than ever before.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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