Hillary’s Presidential Campaign Is So Bad, She’s Resorting to THIS!


To put it mildly, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been a bit of an optical nightmare. After announcing her intention to run for President, the hallmarks of the former First Lady’s campaign have been hiding from the press and speaking with small, hand-picked groups of people. Now that she has primary opponents, she needs to reinvent herself as someone who is not afraid to talk to the average citizens she claims to champion.

Hillary either has a memory problem or recognizes the optical nightmare of her sanitized campaign and wants to hit the reset button. Even though her Presidential ambitions were announced and began in April, yesterday Hillary proclaimed that June 13th she is officially launching her campaign. Apparently she has just been practicing running for President prior to her campaign launch.

Hillary’s official campaign launch will take place two months after her first campaign launch and she picked a seemingly perfect place. Roosevelt Island was previously named Welfare Island. Housing is apparently incredibly expensive and clearly doesn’t fit Hillary’s narrative of being a champion for the common people but rather screams that she is more of a champion of limousine liberals. A one-bedroom apartment runs $3745 a month.

How do you think Hillary’s campaign relaunch will go? Please comment below.

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