Hillary’s New Rosa Parks Logo Fails Spectacularly


Hillary Clinton’s team designed a new campaign logo meant to honor the great civil rights activist, Rosa Parks. The public relations professionals failed to notice that the imagery seemed to place Parks in the back of the logo … or, the bus.

Rosa Parks is known for many things, but perhaps best known for her refusal to sit in a ‘blacks only’ section of a Montgomery bus in 1955.

Team Hillary however, honored her civil rights stand by placing a silhouette of Parks squarely at the back of her logo.


Via the Daily Mail:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is under fire after inserting Rosa Parks into her campaign logo on the anniversary of Parks’ 1955 arrest for refusing to give her bus seat to a white person. 

Clinton’s logo, which usually features the letter H with an arrow going through it, depicted a woman sitting appearing to be Parks, sitting on what some social media users are calling the back of an H-shaped bus.

The public outrage came on Tuesday as Clinton spoke at an event in Alabama marking the boycott of Montgomery buses by black Americans to protest segregated seating.

Twitter responded to the logo’s unveiling with the usual level of snark.

What do you think of Hillary’s logo honoring Rosa Parks?  Disrespectful, or much ado about nothing? We want to hear your opinion below.

FB – Who thought this was a good idea?

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