Hillary’s Campaign Controls Young Supporters, Prevents Them From Doing THIS



At an Iowa campaign event last week, Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff forbid young supporters from speaking to a reporter. Yes, the campaign is so obsessed with controlling the messaging that the campaign doesn’t want Hillary’s own supporters to speak with a member of the press.

Clinton has had some major public relations gaffes that have resulted in optical problems for the campaign. At an Independence Day parade, the media humiliated itself by obliging Hillary’s requests to walk along with a moving rope line.

The campaign’s gagging of its own young supporters drew fire, even on an MSNBC panel that essentially mocked Hillary’s campaign. IJ Review reported that USA Today’s Susan Page was shocked at campaign’s seemingly foolish move.

“Here’s what struck me. [MSNBC’s] Jennifer Jacobs was covering this last night. Big demonstrations outside of young people for O’Malley and Hillary Clinton. She went up to the Clinton supporters – these are protesters for Clinton – and they were told they were not allowed to [speak to] a reporter.

Now, why in the world would the campaign tell their own supporters who came out to campaign in favor Hillary Clinton … these are the young people, college kids, I’m for Hillary, and they’ve been told they can’t talk to reporters. Why in the world would you do that?

Hillary claimed to want to be the champion of everyday Americans, but the former First Lady is having trouble relating to the average person. She hides from the press. And her attempts to appear relatable have proved humorous for the most part.


Why do you think Hillary doesn’t trust her young supporters to speak with reporters? Please comment below.

H/T: Legal Insurrection

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