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New WikiLeaks Email Shows Top Clinton Aides Coordinating With Stephen Colbert

Hillary Wikileaks

Throughout the 2016 campaign, WikiLeaks helped expose the deep ties between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and members of the liberal media.

Well, a new email just released exposes that the media’s close ties to the Clintons goes well beyond the recent presidential election, to 2013.

In one such email, Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, who at the time worked at the far-left Center for American Progress, received an email from an employee with the Colbert Report, a liberal show hosted by Stephen Colbert from 2005-2014.

In the letter, Craig Minassian is informing Podesta of the show’s two special episodes promoting the Clinton Global Initiative as well as asking the Clinton aide to appear on the Colbert Report in the near future:


This is not the first example of Team Clinton coordinating with the media to help promote her candidacy, or in some cases bury negative stories about Hillary.

In 2011, top Clinton donor Marc Lasry paid off the National Enquirer to bury stories that would have been damaging to Hillary and her family.

Wikileaks also revealed that Team Clinton was coordinating with Univision throughout the 2016 election to attack Donald Trump. Team Clinton also notoriously invited journalists from major TV networks and publications to an off-the-record event to help promote the campaign’s message.

We also learned through Wikileaks that reporters with the New York Times actually tipped off the Clinton campaign before their newspaper was scheduled to print a story about Hillary!

H/T: Wikileaks

Thankfully, Hillary’s collusion with the liberal media didn’t pay off, as most Americans rejected their pro-Clinton spin and soundly elected Donald J. Trump in November!