Hillary Admits – Trump Deserves Nobel Peace Prize IF….

South Korea’s President said last month that President Donald Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his role in “encouraging” (translation: frightening) North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to start speaking about denuclearization, and peace talks with South Korea. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Trump deserves the Nobel, especially considering that his predecessor received one for doing nothing.

Surprisingly, even Hillary Clinton agrees with that sentiment, but only with a caveat.

During an interview with ABC Australia, the failed presidential candidate said “Look, if there is a positive outcome that can be verified, particularly with respect to the North Korean nuclear program that has built-in safeguards, so that it is sustainable, not a one-off announcement at a summit, I will join in the applause.”

She clarified though, that she doesn’t necessarily believe that North Korea is acting in good faith and that we’d have to wait to see how peace talks and denuclearization plays out before crediting Trump with anything.

“We’ve been down this road with the North before, where they’ve made promises and then within a year or more it’s determined that they have broken those promises. It’s certainly hopeful, but I can’t be either optimistic or pessimistic at this time” she said.

Things could be different this time, however, as North Korea is facing enormous economic pressure that they didn’t previously face. Trade with China accounted for 90% of North Korea’s GDP, and at Trump’s urging, China has imposed sanctions on the North Korean regime that have all but shut down whatever semblance of an economy they had.

Still, Hillary’s skepticism is justified here. When before has an authoritarian dictator voluntarily spoken about opening up their nation, and reducing the threat they pose to the rest of the world? Obviously never. In light of the fact, if peace talks actually do proceed with success, there’s truly no question that Trump deserves a Nobel.

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