Watch What Happens When This Reporter Interviews Hillary Supporters in a Diner!

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A Fox News reporter attempted to interview a pair of Hillary Clinton supporters in a Pennsylvania diner, but patrons quickly drowned out the segment by chanting Donald Trump’s name.

It is a sign of the exuberance the Pennsylvania voters are showing for a man they believe can help their state and their economy should he win the presidency.

Fox News reporter Clayton Morris first interviewed a pro-Trump veteran who said “everything (Hillary) says is a lie.”

Then he tried to locate a pair of Democrat supporters who offered little more for their preferred candidate than the tired ‘qualification’ of being “the first lady woman president.”

Before long, the diners in the restaurant were all chanting Trump’s name to end the segment.

Take a look …


Currently, Trump is locked in a tight contest with Hillary in the Keystone State. The Real Clear Politics average has Clinton with a slight 2-point advantage, while one poll from Trafalgar Group has Trump with a 1-point lead.

Via Breitbart:

Donald Trump is two points ahead of Hillary Clinton in the critical state of Pennsylvania, according to a new poll from the Trafalgar Group.

Trump is at 48.4 percent, she is at 46.5 percent, according to the poll from the little-known polling firm, which is also spotlighting evidence that Trump has hidden support from an additional 3 percent to 9 percent of voters who don’t want to reveal their true opinions.

The CEO of Trafalgar explains that his poll tries to capture other elements that the more entrenched polls are able to – such as capturing opinions of people who don’t like to do lengthy phone interviews, or trying to quantify those voters who might not want to admit they’re voting for Trump.

Regardless of how the state turns out, this Pennsylvania diner was solidly in Trump’s corner. Let’s hope there are others just like these Americans throughout the state.


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