Hillary Said Something So Hypocritical That Even CNN Noticed


In her quest to be the most hypocritical Presidential candidate in history, Hillary Clinton said something at her campaign relaunch that highlights her lack of credibility and self awareness. She complained about accountability with campaign contributions.

“We have to stop the endless flow of secret, unaccountable money that is distorting our elections, corrupting our political process, and drowning out the voices of our people!”

Hillary needs to look in the mirror before she lectures anyone on unaccountable money. The Clinton Foundation has been tarred and feathered recently with allegations of it being used as a “slush fund” for the former First Lady and her family. The Foundation had been accepting and soliciting donations from foreign governments and entities while they were lobbying then Secretary of State Clinton.

This massive conflict of interest is obvious to everyone, except Hillary, or maybe it’s a case of the rules not applying to her. Even CNN’s Briana Keiler noticed the hypocrisy.

“That last thing she talked about, the unaccountable money, this is really the one, not the one, but an issue that could cause some problems for her, Fred, because there are polls lately, this is a difficult spot for Hillary Clinton, something she needs to deal with, showing that a lot of Americans think that she’s not trustworthy, and honest, and part of that is certainly coming from all of this coverage of the Clinton Foundation, the donations that the Clinton Foundation has gotten.”




Hillary has had a problem connecting with voters. While she claims to be “champion” of average people, she clearly has issues actually interacting with them. Her very processed and stiff behavior has kept her walled off from direct interaction with large groups of citizens. Clearly the campaign recognized the optical problem and it had to relaunch this past weekend.

H/T: Hot Air

Hillary is very good at connecting with donors but can she connect with voters? Will they see the hypocrisy in her statements? Please comment below.

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