What Is Hillary Lying About Now? This Will Leave You Shaking Your Head

Hillary Clinton’s ability to lie about even the most mundane things borders on a psychological disorder at this point.

This past weekend, the Democrat presidential candidate told a story she allegedly just heard the day before from a supporter.

Clinton told WHO TV in Iowa the following analogy about her private email scandal, alleging that what she did was perfectly legal at the time:

“The best explanation I hear of this I heard yesterday in Des Moines from a man I was talking to… He said, ‘This is like you drive through the same intersection for years and the speed limit is 35 and they you move out of town and they change the speed limit to 25. And then they start sending you tickets.'”

To be clear, that is a story she claims she heard “yesterday” as told by a random man from Des Moines.

Unfortunately for Clinton, the story she allegedly heard yesterday was told three weeks ago … by her.

At a meeting with the Des Moines Register editorial board in mid-January, Clinton gave the same speed limit analogy.

“If you’re going to be retroactively classifying materials that’s an impossible standard. You know it’d be like somebody in the Department of Transportation setting speed limits that had cameras where cars were going down a road, and pictures of license plates were being taken and let’s say the speed limit was 35. And then retroactively the police say that speed limit should’ve been 25, so let’s go back and look at anybody who drove down that road and exceeded 25, we need to follow up on that.”

Fox News’ Ed Henry pointed out the similarities which left he, Megyn Kelly, and the rest of the crew on set, laughing at Mrs. Clinton.

Watch Hillary get caught in another lie below …

Why couldn’t she just say the analogy is something she personally came up with, or the people working on her campaign came up with? Why did she have to say it came “yesterday” from “a man” in Iowa?

She’s lying just to lie.

Henry reminded viewers that this is yet another example of why voters find Clinton to be dishonest.

“Gives you an idea of one of the reasons why this whole question of trust, being honest has dogged her throughout the campaign,” he said.

Comment: Is there anything Hillary Clinton is unwilling to lie about? Is this just a simple misunderstanding, or yet another example of a bigger honesty issue when it comes to Hillary? We’d like to hear your opinion below.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • This is why Obama gave her the secretary of state job; no matter who was wrong she could be counted on to lie and cover it up no matter what. Like all our liberal leadership today, they are never wrong, and if something fails, never admit or change it, blame it on someone (anyone) else, confuse all with more of the same----lies, deceit and corruption. Oh, and preach over and over again to the ones that couldn't figure it out if they were told (the real truth). Most of us like to be lied to I guess because it is an every day crime with this current liberal leadership.

  • So, what's new? "Pathological liar" is the correct term.

    But, a lawyer in the White House? That's already happened many times and the only one I know who lied and tried screw us was Trickey Dick - it was his nature. Lawyers do many brave and noble things, ask about Morris Dees of SPLC fame. You're excused.

  • Its no surprise she is a compulsive liar. she used to be a lawyer. and lawyer is a professional world for a liar who knows the law. The last thing we need is a lawyer in the white house. She would hand our country over to whomever is the highest bidder. She will get people killed.

  • Most people don't realize that compulsive liars rarely change their modus operandi, unless some major life event causes them to become honest with themselves, and in turn, others. Not likely in her case; she has too many protectors behind her..

  • Clintons dishonesty isn't anything new. This is what Washington is about. It needs to be changed and is why Mr. Trump is so popular. We in the private sector would be in jail or sued if we were to publically say these things about people. I will be surprised if Hillary isn't "elected". Washington wants her in and that's that. The election process is just to make us think we are electing our representatives. Just sayin!

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