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Hillary’s DEAD!?!? Brand New Theory Has Serious PROOF

Hillary Health

Hillary Clinton’s health is the top issue in the Presidential campaign. Once considered a “conspiracy theory,” Americans now see that Hillary Clinton suffers from serious problems, including neurological diseases.

After her September 11th collapse and fainting, even the pro-Hillary media can’t hide the truth.

Now, expert Clif Hite (below) comes up with the most compelling theory about Hillary Clinton’s health yet, and you haven’t heard it before. He believes Hillary has died, and is replaced by multiple body doubles and CGI images. If true, this is the biggest coverup in the history of American politics. What a bombshell!:

As BeforeItsNews reports:

Note: Russian Intel is using my video to prove they used Green Screen in Greensboro! It’s all fake folks! You’ll see my video below. The Russians who track Hillary say she never left Chelsea’s apartment and she’s using doubles! Also check out the part where Russia shows the emails proving Hillary was in a secret plane crash and hurt badly! At first they laugh at Sorcha Faal’s report but then admit it’s “credible”! Huge info here! Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan reported on this plane crash when it happened!

 Do you believe that Hillary Clinton was injured or killed in a crash, and replaced by CGI? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.