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Hillary is Furious About Trump’s “Assassination Threat” – But Look What She Did 8 Years Ago!

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The pro-Hillary, liberal media has spent all day focusing on the latest Donald Trump “scandal.”

This time, they are furious that Trump talked about “2nd Amendment people” defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016. He meant that gun advocates will revolt and vote against Hillary in November, but the media accepted it as an “assassination threat.” Now the Secret Service and FBI are involved.

But way back in 2008, Hillary Clinton was running against then-Senator Barack Obama (I-IL) and directly referenced assassinating Obama.

Watch (below) this shocking video where Clinton dropped this bombshell, even after it was clear she was going to lose the primary:

“We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know, I don’t understand it. You know, there’s lots of speculation about why it is.”

Hillary Clinton is clearly saying she’s staying in the race, just incase someone murders Obama. Whoa!

Political opponents should never suggest their rivals should be assassinated. Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric in 2008 was dangerous, but the liberal media isn’t reminding voters of this incident.

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