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Did Hillary Cheat With An Earpiece? This is What She Thinks…

This is what Hillary Clinton thinks about her earpiece controversy…

hillary debate

At the NBC presidential forum, people are certain they saw an earpiece inside of Hillary Clinton’s left ear. This issue went viral on Facebook and Twitter.

Clearly, something was in her ear, and there are reasons for questions:

“She literally can’t help herself. She’s the kind of sociopath who will lie even if the truth were more beneficial,” added Woods, linking to an article by TruePundit which reported that Hillary was wearing an earpiece to receive “stealth coaching” during the NBC live town hall event.

“NYPD sources involved with the NBC forum’s security detail confirm Clinton was wearing an ‘inductive earpiece,” the same technology employed by almost all lead Broadway actors to receive forgotten lines and stealth off-stage cues from directors. The flesh-colored earbud is easily concealed. There are no wires running directly to the ear like you see with the units employed by Secret Service protection detail personnel,” claimed the article.
The report goes on to provide technical details about the earpiece, asserting that it is “almost invisible to anyone” and is “normally issued to law enforcement or corporate security teams.”

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