Hillary Clinton Warns That If Trump Ends Coronavirus Task Force ‘Americans Will Suffer’ 

Former Secretary of State and failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton warned Tuesday that “Americans will suffer” if the Trump administration follows through with plans to engage in “preliminary talks” to shut down the coronavirus task force.

Hillary Clinton: ‘Americans will suffer’

“It appears the plan is, shamefully, to have no plan,” Clinton tweeted. “Americans will suffer. We must replace this administration in November.”


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Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday that conversations were underway regarding the “proper time” to shut down the task force.

“I think we’re having conversations about that, and about what the proper time is for the task force to complete its work,” Pence said. “And for the ongoing efforts to take place on an agency by agency level.”

Pence calls this moment ‘a reflection of the tremendous progress that we’ve made as a country’

Despite Clinton framing these moves as there being “no plan,” Pence said the White House is looking at a transition for a task force turnover in late May or early June, perhaps even Memorial Day weekend.

“It really is all a reflection of the tremendous progress that we’ve made as a country,” Pence stated.

Pence also said that coronavirus task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx will remain working at the White House.

“We’re going to keep Dr. Deb Birx around every bit as long as we need to,” Pence said.

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Doomsday Scenario for Coronavirus Deaths in U.S. Wildly Off

Potentially winding down the coronavirus task force comes at a time when cases of COVID-19 are dropping in some states and reopening of businesses and other places are becoming more common.

An early study by Imperial College in London projected the doomsday scenario that 2.2 million could die in the U.S. alone if the country did not respond with swift measures.

To date, the total number has been nowhere near that number with about 72,000 Americans dying who were diagnosed with COVID-19.

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