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NEW REPORT: We Now Know Why Hillary Clinton is Scared of Trey Gowdy (Benghazi)


Watch out Hillary Clinton!  Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is hot on your tail, and your political machine can’t keep him from the truth.

The tough former prosecutor is leading the U.S. House’s special select committee to investigate the terrorists attacks in Benghazi, Libya. And Gowdy has a multi-million dollar budget to find answers to key questions about those easily avoidable, deadly attacks in 2012. His plan is to leave no stone unturned, which includes questioning the incompetent actions of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In this new ABC News interview (below), Gowdy explains just why the investigations have to happen behind closed doors:

I can get more information in a five-hour deposition than I can in five minutes of listening to a colleague ask questions in committee hearings.

However, he is still in favor of moving the hearings into the public spotlight:

“My view of public hearings,” he explained, is “if there is a factual discrepancy, then the jury or our fellow citizens need to hear both sides, and they can determine where the greater weight or credibility is. But if there is a consensus on a point, there really is not any reason to litigate that in public.”

Also, Gowdy had a message for those who want to turn the investigation into a circus, instead of a carefully handled investigation, timed out with the current election cycle:

If you want to get on the news, then go rob a bank.

This is good news, as Trey Gowdy is a rare politician who cares more about justice for the four murdered Americans (including one ambassador) than he does about political grandstanding. It is already clear that President Barack Obama and former Sec. Hillary Clinton deliberately ignored huge security risks in Benghazi.

Now, we will finally learn just why Hillary was so quick to blame the attacks on a ridiculous YouTube video and used so much political muscle to cover up details of this shameful foreign policy disaster.

Gowdy is questioning people in Hillary’s inner circle right now – behind closed doors – while quietly building up a case against Clinton. He knows the law and has no cheap, politically driven timeline. This is why Hillary Clinton has to be beyond scared of Trey Gowdy.