Hillary Clinton Mocked As She Announces New Book As ‘First Foray Into Fiction’

Hillary Clinton was on the receiving end of a fair amount of mockery as she announced her new book, “State of Terror,” as her “first foray into fiction.”

Clinton, the former First Lady, announced her new book on social media.

“My first foray into fiction!” she beamed. “It was a labor of love with my friend (and favorite mystery author) Louise Penny, and I can’t wait for you to read it.”

The book focuses on a series of events involving a female Secretary of State forced to deal with “apparent terrorist attacks.”

That’s right, the architect of the ‘Benghazi was the result of an obscure YouTube video’ story is making her “first foray into fiction” with a novel about an “untested” Secretary of State dealing with a terrorist attack.

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Hillary Clinton’s Book Is Her ‘First Foray Into Fiction’

Many would agree that this is hardly Hillary Clinton’s “first foray into fiction.”

It might be her first published piece of fiction, but she has an entire body of work to draw upon in her new literary field.

Critics were quick to pounce on Clinton’s announcement.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross shared a screenshot of a 2016 campaign announcement that tried linking the Trump Organization to a Russian Bank.

Michael Sussmann, a lawyer with ties to Clinton’s campaign, was recently indicted for providing what was supposed to have shown evidence of secret communications between then-candidate Donald Trump and Russia while claiming he wasn’t acting on behalf of any client.

The FBI would eventually determine “those concerns had no merit,” the New York Times reported, and Sussmann was charged with lying to the FBI after a probe determined he, in reality, knew “he was acting on behalf of specific clients, namely … the Clinton Campaign.”

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She’s A Pro When It Comes To Fiction

RedState senior editor Joe Cunningham piled on Clinton saying, “Your first foray into fiction was the idea the 2016 election was stolen from you.”

Political commentator Peter Roff really dipped into the archives asking, “What about your Whitewater testimony?”

But it’s hard not to discuss fiction involving a Secretary of State and terrorism without going back to Benghazi.

Clinton, of course, was integral in the lie that the Benghazi attacks were the result of an obscure YouTube video.

Former National Security Adviser under Barack Obama, Susan Rice, even claimed in her book that she was pushed to do five Sunday television interviews by the Obama administration to cover for Clinton by insisting on that story.

Rice’s mother warned her not to cover for Hillary.

“I smell a rat. This is not a good idea. Can’t you get out of it?” she asked.

She couldn’t, and Rice was complicit in helping President Barack Obama and Clinton spread one of their most famous lies.

What other works of fiction can we attribute to Clinton? Truth is, you could write a book about all of them.

Dodging sniper fire in Bosnia, claiming she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, being “dead broke” after leaving the White House, and trying to join the Marines come to mind.

No, this isn’t Hillary Clinton’s “first foray into fiction,” and you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be her last either.


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