Democrats and Hillary Clinton have hammered Donald Trump over his alleged ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin. Everything from accusing him of being naive of the Russian threat to straight-up  colluding with Putin on hacks to “steal the election.”  But in actuality, why Trump is simply playing politics when it comes to Putin, Hillary has bragged about how close she and the probable dictator are.

Via Breitbart:

“I said, ‘You know, Mr. Prime Minister, we actually have some things in common. We both want to protect wildlife, and I know how committed you are to protecting the tiger,’” Clinton reportedly told the audience. “I mean, all of a sudden, he sat up straight and his eyes got big and he goes, ‘You care about the tiger? I said, ‘I care about the tiger, I care about the elephant, I care about the rhinoceros, I care about the whale.’”

Then, she said, Putin invited her to what she described as his “private inner sanctum.”

Again, this shouldn’t shock anyone. Hillary loves to cozy up to dictators and anyone else willing to grant her money and power. She and her husband have sold out American interests for money and power. She dares to call Trump a traitor, but she is the only one who has committed sedition against this great land of ours!

Enough of the hypocrisy!

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