There is a whole slew of lies told by Hillary Clinton that could have caused this – but one story in particular had Secret Service members “laughing their faces off” according to former Agent Gary Byrne.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, the former First Lady claimed she and her entourage came under sniper fire in Bosnia during the ’90s. She went so far as to claim the group ran “with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

Video of her actual arrival surfaced showing a very calm scene instead, one in which Clinton was greeted by a little girl holding flowers and a poem. She would quickly renege and claim the whole affair was simply a case of ‘misspeaking.’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been reviving this story of late, reminding voters that “she (Clinton) was under attack (in Bosnia) but the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers.”

Funny, but Agent Byrne claims he and his fellow secret service members burst into laughter the moment they heard Clinton’s claims.


Via Fox News Insider:

Former Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne commented on Hillary Clinton’s 1996 mission to Bosnia, saying that a 2008 speech in which Clinton said she was under sniper fire was “a flat-out lie.”

Byrne said that anybody who worked around the Clintons in the Secret Service who saw that speech would “start laughing their faces off because they knew that was a flat-out lie.”


…Byrne said the only thing that the military had the Clintons do was sit on their flak vest as they got closer to the landing zone, which was a standard procedure.

Byrne has also created a wave of controversy with revelations that Hillary had displayed a violent temperament during his time with the Clintons.

He said that she was too “erratic, uncontrollable and occasionally violent” to become leader of the free world.

Not to mention her history of perpetually lying to anyone and everyone – even though she apparently doesn’t remember ever telling a lie:


Comment: Is Hillary’s Bosnia lie her most humorous effort at spinning reality? We all know her worst lie involved the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, but she certainly has some laughable efforts. Which is her most amusing lie? Share your thoughts below.

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