Hillary Clinton made a surprise return to the public spotlight, presenting UNICEF’s Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award to one of her biggest supporters, singer Katy Perry.

The reaction of her fan s was exactly what you’d expect from the cult-like following Clinton commands.

First, upon taking the stage, the woman playing the piano stood up and greeted the former presidential candidate by kissing her ring … er … hand.

Photographers captured the scene from another angle …

Hillary Clinton Katy Perry

In addition to the ring-kissing, Perry herself broke down and wept at the sight of her muse.

Via Entertainment Tonight:

The pop star — who serves as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador — was honored with the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award, which was presented by none other than Hillary Clinton. The surprise introduction moved Perry to tears.

“We need champions like Katy now more than ever,” Clinton — whom Perry campaigned for during the 2016 presidential election — said. “We need her passion, her energy, and, yes, her voice — ‘louder than a lion.’ We all know Katy as a global megastar. The powerful voice who reminds us when you get knocked down, get back up.”

After the heartfelt introduction, Perry took the stage to accept her award in a stunning Marchesa gown.

Take a look …

So what could possibly explain the fawning, tear-filled reception for Hillary from her far-left, liberal precious snowflakes?

The answer may lie in this picture – Let us know if you see it:

Hillary Clinton Katy Perry

Did you spot it? Here’s a little help. This probably explains why these people were falling all over themselves at the sight of Hillary.

Hillary Clinton Katy Perry

Comment: What do you think of Katy Perry and fellow liberals fawning all over Hillary Clinton? Surprised or expected? Share your thoughts with us below.