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Hillary Clinton Just Received HORRIBLE News – This Spells “DOOM!”


It’s official: After weeks of delay, the IT expert who set up Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s illegal home server will officially testify. The case is a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, an organization seeking answers about just what was on the server, and what were in thousands of deleted emails.

This is a big deal!

The man believed to have set up and maintained former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “homebrew” email server will be deposed this week — after a more than two-week delay.

IT expert Bryan Pagliano was originally scheduled to testify on June 6 as part of a court case relating to email messages Clinton sent, but the event was postponed when his lawyers informed a federal court he would be using his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination and would decline to answer questions.

On Monday, Judicial Watch — the conservative legal watchdog group involved in the lawsuit — said it had finally reached a deal to allow the event to proceed on Wednesday.

Even though Pagliano is planning not to answer questions, the session could still be incriminating for Clinton.

In civil cases such as the open records one launched by Judicial Watch, judges are allowed to draw inferences from someone’s decision not to answer questions. And Pagliano’s refusal to detail the system used to set up Clinton’s email server will leave the machine shrouded in mystery, dragging out an issue that has dogged her presidential campaign for more than a year.

via The Hill

Pagliano knows what Hillary Clinton wanted was illegal. And his inability to give answers means the odds of Hillary Clinton herself being deposed just increased, according to the judge.

Hillary pulled State Department employees into her criminal operation, and needed to have the technology that allowed her to communicate about using her position to help the Clinton Foundation’s fundraising, while preventing those emails from being accessible by FOIA requests.

Not only might Hillary Clinton be compelled to testify, but the FBI has more than 50 agents still on her criminal probe. And yet Democrats are still willing to nominate her as their presidential candidate?

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