Hillary Clinton’s health made headlines yet again this week when she slipped on a staircase in India – twice – despite being held up by two men.

Now, we’ve learned that Clinton, being the frail old woman she is, sustained an injury in the fall and was forced to cancel several scheduled visits in the city of Jodhpur.

As reported by the Daily Mail, doctors attended Clinton at Umaid Bhawan Palace and determined that she sprained her hand, and advised her to rest it. She subsequently canceled her visit to Mehrangarh Fort.

If you’re wondering how Clinton sprained her hand falling down the stairs, as you can see in the above screenshot, she used her hand to brace herself during the first fall. After she fell a second time, Clinton took off her sandals and proceeded down the remainder of the steps barefoot – a daring move, considering it was just five months ago that she broke her toe in a another fall down a flight of stairs in London.

Trusted Clinton aid Huma Abedin was a few feet behind Clinton when she took the tumble, and she clearly looked helpless as to what to do. Maybe she too is finally starting to wonder why dear Hillary keeps fainting and falling?

As for what Clinton was doing in India in the first place, she was promoting her book, “What Happened,” because India is how far away she had to go to find anyone still willing to listen to her pathetic sob story. And of course, she made sure to disparage millions of Trump voters while there.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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