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Hillary Clinton Suffers Another Severe Coughing Fit

Well, there it is again: Hillary Clinton coughing up a storm like she was just freebasing from the exhaust pipe of a 70s-era Chevy.

Seriously, every time the former First Lady attempts to string more than five words together, she breaks down in a nasty coughing fit that would make an 80-year-old chainsmoker embarrassed.

Were we really supposed to believe that Hillary was healthy enough for the presidency? What was she supposed to do on the world stage? Giving a hacking speech about human rights and American values?

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For further evidence that America made the right choice in choosing Donald Trump over Clinton, Hillary recently gave a livestreamed speech to The MAKERS Conference, which bills itself as a premiere gathering of feminist speakers.

Hillary made the appearance not long after a recent event in Washington, D.C., where she once again blamed sexism for her loss.

During her banal remarks, Hillary was struck by a coughing fit, and had to scramble for a glass of heart nearly halfway through her streamed address. Take a look:

This is just getting sad at this point. It’s clear that Hillary is not as healthy or spry as she wishes she was. And it’s clear the media would do anything within its power to cover up that fact.

Remember on the anniversary of 9/11 when Hillary passed out on a temperate day? Who could forget…

For her own health, it’s time for Hillary to retire from the scene. We get it: She devoted her life to public service. We all thank her. Now it’s time to move on.

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