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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. remuda says:

    S’OK . . . ! Trump is at 50% approval. Clinton’s are headed to jail. Trump is the master conciliator as the Bushes are finally realizing. He’s done more than any President since JFK (including Ronnie, who we all loved) for the (US & Global) econ and world peace (and oil which continues to replenish itself as not dinosaurs . . . & coal). We are in the presence of Jefferson/Washington-like Greatness and finally JUSTICE FOR ALL . . . ! ADIOS to Chelsea’s adoptive parents.

    POTUS’ morning tweets are “NEWS OF THE DAY” . . . .!

    Semper Fortis . . . !

  2. 173rdHerd says:

    As far as I’m concerned Killary and her trusted sidekick, Slick Willie, were an embarrassment to the nation. She was acting like the whole thing was all about her. Her husband looks like he is suffering from some brain condition with his mouth gaped wide open during the entire funeral.

  3. Gordon says:

    In addition to being a congenital liar, a phony and a fake, we see that the harridan has no class. I’m waiting…..waiting, for her and Bill to be indicted. I’ve been waiting for 30 years.

  4. Don says:

    People, we absolutely dodged a bullet not allowing this ugly witch to become President.

  5. Frank says:

    She made even weirder faces at President Bush’s speech at Ground Zero later she was booed on stage by NYPD and NYFD who were gathered for a concert. Its not like she hasn’t been seen in that posture other times also leading to speculation there was something physically wrong with her but I think its her unconscious bias born of an immeasurable malice making itself manifest and she has less control over it than President Trump shows control sometimes when tweeting.

  6. Chief_Nick says:

    Who cares what the Clintons do?
    He’s a sexual pervert, she’s a criminal and possibly worse, a traitor.

  7. Kkmoderate says:

    Hilary is just a bitter old cow…end of conversation. who cares ? “At this point does it what does it matter” HC?

  8. TATA1219 says:

    Hillary no longer likes them although she angled for the wedding invitation when he and Melanie married..she only uses people when it suits her.

  9. Patrick says:

    Hilary Clinton….A lying POS always!! REMEMBER BENGHAZI!!!

  10. Stuart says:

    Hillary is the ANTI-GHWBush: vindictive rather than forgiving, nasty rather than kind, vicious rather than gracious. Above all, she believes in serving HERSELF rather than others. The antithesis of GHWBush.

    Since Bill will probably get a state funeral, one can only wonder what will be said. Patriotic volunteer or multiple-time draft dodger; faithful husband or incessant philanderer, kind or exploitative? President thanks to H.Ross Perot.

    1. Jim says:

      Poor Poor Hillary, she has lose twice now but in the end she will lose again – no notable funeral – just a hole in the ground and drop her in – push the dirt and over and that will be that – let the party begin- i can imagine she is a party spoiler and she wont let her billy has some of his really close friends to attend- Stormy Daniels will attend anyways – the true bio father of the daughter – billty will party till the cows come home and that will be a long long time.

  11. Tricia says:

    Hillary is a woman w/o kindness, graciousness or decency. Sad.

  12. Chris vhfan says:

    Hillary’s a lifelong Lucifer worshiper who hates God so no surprise to me.

  13. Ronald says:

    Killary is not a deplorable, she is trash

  14. Mike says:

    Hillary was probably just nervous – it’s been a while since she was in a room with that many people.

  15. CapnJackSB says:

    She is rotting from the inside out.

  16. Mike says:

    Who cares about that old bag of cellulite and bile, Hillary? This day is about a great man and patriot, President George HW Bush who did more for his country than everyone else sitting in that pew put together. Note the grace of the Bush family as opposed to the McCains.

  17. Ken says:

    Hildabeast never disappoints. She is just a terrible person in general and even worse as a political figure. May she forever find unhappiness with her loser attitude.

  18. John says:

    President Trump should consider himself lucky not to have touched the hand of old slime ball Hillary.

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