Hillary’s Book Price Slashed Before It’s Even Available

hillary clinton book price

What happened … to the price of Hillary Clinton’s new book?

Amazon and Walmart have reportedly made a ‘hard choice,’ slashing the price on Clinton’s new presidential campaign biography by 40 percent. And that was before the book’s official release date of September 12th.

Simon and Schuster, publishers of the book titled “What Happened,” set a suggested retail price of $30.

Amazon’s book web site has already slashed the price to just $17.99.


Walmart also has the same significantly reduced price listed on their site.


The price drops could be due to a series of leaks that have come out surrounding the book, which highlight that it consists of page after page, chapter after chapter, of excessive finger-pointing as to why Clinton lost the election.

The list of things and people the former First Lady has blamed so far: Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, the Women’s March, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, James Comey, Matt Lauer, Wikileaks, voter ID laws, and, of course, sexism.

She has yet to look in a nearby mirror.

The price drop could also be due to the fact that nobody on either side of the political aisle is even vaguely interested in why this losing candidate believes she lost, when reality indicates it’s because she was a flawed candidate who ran a flawed campaign, and was the least popular choice for president in modern times.

Even today, her approval ratings rank well below that of President Trump.

Of course, we could see why the former candidate for president would assume her minions are clamoring for a new book from her camp.

Her previous co-authored effort with Senator Tim Kaine, “Stronger Together,” was a major flop, selling fewer than 3,000 copies during its first week on sale.

Prior to that, The New York Times had reported that Clinton’s 2014 memoir “Hard Choices was considered a disappointment.

Perhaps at some point Hillary will accept what a top Democrat fundraiser recently opined about her political and literary career.

“Honestly, I wish she’d just shut the f— up and go away,” they said.

Do you think Hillary’s book will be a success? Share your thoughts below!

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