Ever since she lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton has never missed an opportunity to publicly bash him. That’s why it came as no surprise when she took to Twitter on Thursday to attack him for his response to the coronavirus outbreak one day after he gave an address to the nation about the disease.

Clinton began her tweet with the very condescending tone that made her so popular with voters.

“I know this is all hard for you, Donald Trump, so let me spell it out,” she wrote. She then listed the following:

– Free testing
– Fee waivers
– Emergency sick leave
– Quarantines
– Cancellations
– Giving a damn

Most of the suggestions that Clinton mentioned were listed in the legislation Democrats presented on Wednesday night that they claim will boost an economy left in tatters by the outbreak, according to The Hill.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi claims to be open to working with Republicans on making changes to the bill, but that seems unlikely given how fast she wants it to pass.

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“We have had ongoing conversations about it. We will be bringing the bill to the floor,” she said. “We’ve given a good deal of time for them to review the package, and we’ll go from there.”

As an experienced politician, Clinton knows full well that Trump is in a very difficult position right now. Nobody could have foreseen this virus, and nobody can stop it aside from the scientists who are working to find a cure. All Trump can do is use his judgment to protect the American people as best he can, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

It’s pathetic that after three years, Clinton is still not over her 2016 loss and still takes such joy in publicly bashing President Trump. The American people let her know that we didn’t care what she had to say then —when we didn’t vote for her— and we definitely don’t care now.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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