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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Robert says:

    Hey Hill, who’s Chelsea’s real Daddy?

  2. Dave In Arizona says:

    Hillary Clinton: Allegations Against Bill Are Different Than Those Against Kavanaugh

    Hillary lied through her teeth? From the smell, more likely she lied out of her ass.

  3. Richard says:

    You cannot believe anything, any longer that Hillary Clinton says, when it comes to sexual actions by Bill Clinton. She simply is in a denial state that will never recognize her husband infidelity, and then past that, she simply has a hard time with the truth, she finds it impossible to tell the truth, it goes against her core beliefs, or feelings, or something like that. If it is easier to lie, she will lie, period.

  4. PolitcalChaos says:

    “Clinton is proven to have multiple cases of sexual misconduct and is hailed as a hero by the Democrats and media. Kavanaugh has a few women make baseless claims and he is evil incarnate.” This is the way DemoRATS operate. They remind me of kicking, screaming children. VOTE ALL OF THEM OUT NOVEMBER 6th!

  5. Davison says:

    Well, after all, wasn’t Teddy Kennedy praised as “The Lion of the Senate” even after he murdered Mary Jo? Kind of tells you all about the unethical crap that makes up that government body.

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